i. Learning Consultancy

Making the transition to online and/or blended learning, and incorporating digital content and tools effectively is a complex process.

Our consultancy team oversees the evaluation, conceptualization, design and implementation of eLearning solutions for various academic and corporate clients. Using the very latest technological and methodological developments we are able to help clients modernize their approach to education enhancing the value of their teaching and learning.

Whether you need help selecting an authoring tool, want some guidance on how to take a course to the next level, or want to determine the best way to get the results and information you want out of your course, we can guide you through the decisions you need to make.

ii. Product Management

Whether you are an institution looking to make sense of the shifting education technology landscape, an edTech startup looking for help with your project, or a vendor serving the education market looking for help with growth strategy and new product initiatives, Ampli5yd can help. Let us apply our years of experience to solving your problem.

It takes years of work in a specific market to develop the skills required to be an effective product manager. Ampli5yd’s extensive experience in the edTech space can exponentially expand the effectiveness of your organization. Our team often works as an integrated part of our clients' staff to develop and manage critical projects or programs.

We help our clients create strategies aimed at developing edTech products that better meet customer needs to ensure that product development and innovation processes position them for success. Using repeatable and flexible frameworks for Product Management and lean startup methods Ampli5yd helps clients deliver products to market that customers love.

iii. Marketing Strategy & Analysis

Bringing Your Solution Into Focus

A lot can happen on your way to market. And that can cost you if you’re not careful. A sure-footed marketing plan and supporting programs takes precise, insightful planning. Ampli5yd evaluate and analyses potential strategic approaches to help you arrive at the ideal path, one paved with:

  • Strategic insights driven by market needs
  • Integrated with the right marketing mix to generate awareness and market share
  • Market expertise and the right connections to get your solution to market

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