Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are an integral part of any e-Learning deployment strategy. A good LMS is able to provide important e-Learning related information to administrators, while keeping the interface for learners user friendly and intuitive. With so many learning management systems on the market, and with online training technology changing and improving all the time, selecting the right LMS for your current and future needs can be tricky.

Ampli5yd will help you determine your technology and vendor requirements, develop a plan and support the implementation of your LMS.

  • Do you want to implement a LMS and need some practical support from an experienced e-learning practitioner?
  • Do you need someone that talks your language and theirs?

Ampli5yd will help you unravel the complexities of learning management systems and distil the outcomes you want to achieve for your academic institution or business. We will help you uncover your LMS functional and reporting requirements to ensure you to choose a LMS that is fit for purpose.

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